VIDEO: Young Tunisian man begs ill mother to take his kidney live on TV

Video footage of a young Tunisian man begging his ill mother to take his kidney on live TV has gone viral on social media.

In a moving scene on Arabic television, Ali Borni appeared with his mother in order to convince her to accept his kidney.

This came as he learned that she suffered from kidney disease.

She agreed to come on the show thinking that she would see her son who lives in Italy.

When she discovered that it was her younger son who was in the studio, she said: “impossible,” knowing exactly why he was there and started to refuse him.

He appeared on the show in the hope that they would help him persuade his mother to take his kidney.

At first she stubbornly refused and then after a lot of arguing back and forth she started to pray.

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She was worried about accepting the kidney from her son because she didn’t want him to be hurt and was worried about his health.

In the end due to her son’s grief and crying, she accepted his offer.

This video has been cross-posted from the IKnowBro Facebook page.

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