Report: Mainstream media exhibits shocking lack of diversity

The mainstream media exhibits a striking lack of diversity when it comes to both journalists and the experts they feature, a new report has...

Government agents to be authorised to commit crimes

Undercover informants working for the police and MI5 will be authorised to commit crimes under new legislation. A set of bills advancing through Parliament this...

Al Rayan Bank informs charities they can no longer send money outside EU

Al Rayan Bank has informed its charity clients that they can no longer make transactions outside of the European Union, which could potentially cripple...

British Palestinians condemn Labour over pro-Israel policies

Leading British Palestinians have condemned the "shrinking space" in the Labour Party to criticise Zionism and oppose Israeli policies. In an open letter to the party, the...

UK is still overwhelmingly heterosexual, but gay population is rising

The proportion of the UK population aged 16 years and over identifying as heterosexual or straight decreased to 94.6% while the lesbian, gay or bisexual...

Pro-Palestine activists shut down Israeli arms factory for three days

Five pro-Palestine activists have been arrested after they shut down an Israeli arms factory in Staffordshire for three days. Activists from Palestine Action occupied the...

Ex Tory MP Dominic Grieve appointed to vet Islamic Relief’s senior management

The former Tory MP Dominic Grieve has been appointed to chair a new Independent Commission which will vet Islamic Relief's trustees and senior executives. Grieve...

Jason Mohammad is BBC’s highest paid Muslim once again

The sports presenter Jason Mohammad is the BBC’s highest-earning Muslim for the third year running with an annual salary of between £285,000-£289,999, new figures have revealed. This...

Henry Jackson Society apologises and pays damages to Huda TV

The right-wing think-tank The Henry Jackson Society has apologised to Huda TV and paid the Muslim educational channel damages after falsely accusing it of...

Middle East history textbook withdrawn after complaints by pro-Israel activists

The publisher Pearson has withdrawn a GSCE history textbook after complaints of "anti-Israel bias" from pro-Israel organisations.  The book, which is part of the GCSE History curriculum,...
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