Should Muslims take the COVID-19 vaccine? | The Big Picture #14

This week's episode of The Big Picture looks at the various concerns British Muslims have surrounding the COVID-19 vaccine, from long-term health effects to...

The Big Picture #1: Gulf-Israel ‘peace deal’ and sectarian strife in Pakistan

In the first episode of the The Big Picture show, Roshan Muhammed Salih discusses whether the UAE and Bahrain have betrayed the Ummah in...

Why is Sri Lanka cremating Muslims? | The Big Picture #12

Since the COVID-19 crisis erupted, Sri Lanka has been the only country in the world to insist on victims being cremated. And last week...

The Big Picture #5: Murder of Maulana Adil Khan and sectarianism in Pakistan

On this week's The Big Picture, we look at the murder of Pakistani Sunni leader Maulana Adil Khan and examine if the country will...
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