Transform My Prayer: How to really benefit from your daily meetings with God

Roshan Muhammed Salih says the Transform My Prayer course by Iqbal Nasim has revolutionised his attitude to the second pillar of Islam - salah. If we're...

Them Before Us: A passionate argument for the traditional family

The Muslim Theist reviews Them Before Us by Katy Faust and Stacy Manning, which argues that a child has a right to be raised by...

The Beloved Prophet: An illustrated biography in rhyme

Faisal Bodi says that "The Beloved Prophet" by Zaahied Sallie is the first English language biography of the Prophet (pbuh) to be written entirely in...

The Kashmir Files: The nationalist propaganda movie which whipped up India

Sajad Rasheed, a scholar specialising in modern Kashmir history, reviews the Hindu nationalist propaganda movie The Kashmir Files. Amid the high decibel prime time television debates...

After watching the Labour Files I will never vote for Keir Starmer

Vaseem Ahmed says he will never vote Labour again under its current regime after watching Al Jazeera's Labour Files documentary series. I finally got round...

Farha – the film that Israel doesn’t want you to see

Shabnam Kulsoom reviews Farha, the film about the Palestinian Nakba currently streaming on Netflix which has outraged Israeli officials. We have all probably found ourselves...

The Kerala Story: The Hindutva anti-Muslim hate film screening in a cinema near you

Roshan Muhammed Salih says The Kerala Story is blatant anti-Islam, anti-Muslim hate speech which is being provocatively shown by major cinema chains across the...

Halal Investing for Beginners: A crash course to make Muslims richer

If you're not making the most of your finances (like most of us) then Halal Investing for Beginners by Ibrahim Khan and Mohsin Patel...

Come on Hijabis, don’t be Barbies!

Shabnam Kulsoom went to see the Barbie movie so you don't have to. The feminist, sexualised fitna is very real, she writes, seeking to corrupt...
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