Muslims should beware the next threat – the Artificial Intelligence revolution

Artificial Intelligence

Blogger Najm Al-Din warns Muslims about the dangers of the Artificial Intelligence revolution which risks making Muslims, like the rest of humanity, slaves to technology and algorithms.

In the past month, I have noticed many social media posts about the remarkable accuracy and detail in which ChatGPT – a human-like AI chatbot – can help users with various tasks such as writing articles, drafting academic papers and answering pretty much any trivia question which comes to mind.

But my sincere advice to all of us enamoured by this undoubtedly powerful language processing model is to stop feeding the algorithm.

Here’s why.

It’s important that we interpret the evolution of AI in light of the World Economic Forum’s  “Great Reset” agenda, for which the Davos elites are eagerly preparing mankind.

A clarion call of the WEF for some years, The Great Reset refers to the radical restructuring of the globe’s social, economic and political systems, which is expected to usher in an era of equitable growth, prosperity and sustainability for the planet.

The WEF’s website outlines the ambitious initiative in the most sanguine fashion, promising a future where new patterns of consumption, overhauls to infrastructure and major transformations to existing geopolitical relations will upend the way humans live, work and trade.

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Klaus Schwab, the Founder and Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum, along with major corporate oligarchs, technocrats and power-brokers who are regularly represented in Davos forums have arrogated to themselves this responsibility to reshape humanity and have made no secret of the fact that there is a transformative opportunity to be leveraged from the Covid pandemic to accelerate such a shift.

Speaking to a panel at the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, his telling prediction that The Great Reset would “lead to a fusion of our physical, digital and biological identity,” attracted a deluge of attention from blue-chip CEOs and left no doubt that emerging technologies driven by Artificial Intelligence (AI) would be the impetus driving this seismic change.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution

As much as we are constantly invited to think about the future of technology as a progressive improvement of “tools,” it would be naive to think that the AI revolution enabled by the pandemic will stop at tweaking formulas and harvesting data to merely enhance the operation of businesses and economies through greater efficiency and scalability.

This is simply a means to what I anticipate is a more dystopian end which every Muslim and person of conscience must take heed.

Why do I say this?

Well, according to Schwab, AI is ushering such seismic advances in biology, neurotechnology and nanotechnology that we are soon going to be confronted with challenging existential questions around the very purpose of homo sapiens on this planet.

In his book, Shaping The Future Of The Fourth Industrial Revolution, he reveals how innovations in the biological realm will help scientists to alter humans at a fundamental genomic level by manipulating the genetic codes of future generations.

This promethean aspiration is being vigorously pursued by a particular strand of technocratic thinkers according to whom the holy grail of technological development through artificial general intelligence (AGI) can potentially alter the calculus of what it means to be human.

Don’t just take my word for it. Pay close attention to the techno-utopian ambitions of industry pioneers, such as leading transhumanists like Ray Kurzweil, Zoltan Istvan and Larry Ellison.

The Singularity and ‘overcoming death’

The common denominator amongst this circle of tech futurists is the pathological desire to overcome death by empowering AI systems with multi-domain learning abilities, to the point where human beings achieve that final frontier in progress where emotionally intelligent robots command our workforces and a new synergy is forged between humans and AI known as the singularity.

Therefore, what I am trying to convey in no uncertain terms is two things.

Firstly, those who are commandeering the use of such AI applications ultimately wish to direct these emerging technologies towards a fundamentally soulless, cybernetic and transhumanist end via brain-machine interfacing.

Secondly, we are approaching a juncture in history where AI will no longer be relegated to simply aiding humans in making informed decisions. The owners of such technology have already mooted its fusion across the physical, digital and biological domains, through the permanent integration of smart devices and sensors. Such blurring of boundaries between the physical and cybernetic realms will convert every facet of our natural God-given world into smart data to be optimised by deep-learning algorithms.

Mass unemployment

Now what does this mean for the global workforce?

Currently, there are several Business AI applications which assist financial specialists with risk management and economic forecasts. Furthermore, AI powered diagnostic tools are aiding medical diagnosis and some offer data-driven recommendations enabling lawyers and judges to cross reference cases, advising them on evidentiary requirements and sentencing practices.

However, the next phase of AI as envisaged by the transhumanist Silicon Valley elites agitating for the fourth industrial revolution involves a greater leap towards autonomy where industry application of AI will transition from pilot programmes to large-scale operations, with perilous implications for blue and white collar jobs.

Unlike previous industrial revolutions, the discovery of the means of economising the use of labour is now significantly outrunning the pace at which we can find new uses for that labour. By narrowing the scope of employment opportunities, it means the most dramatic downsizing of the global workforce is staring us in the face in the next decade.

Industry-wide tremors are ahead and the psy-ops to acclimatise the populace for dispossession, poverty and reimagining their lives is underway.

If we observe the post-pandemic trends and the breakneck speed in which AI technologies are being deployed, it’s easy to arrive at the conclusion that the optimisation of AI will initially bear on traditional companies and professions such as farming, retail, catering, manufacturing and the courier industries.

However, automation in the form of smart software and machine learning will not be limited to jobs which are routine and repetitive. Many skilled jobs are also going to be susceptible to the AI coup in this Great Reset, which is being foisted on mankind by a powerful cadre of unelected bureaucrats and multi-stakeholder partnerships.

I appreciate that anticipating future employment trends is no easy task, but having spent the great part of the past two and a half years consulting with many in the AI, cybernetic and blockchain space, it’s pretty much acknowledged across the board that AI systems are on the verge of wholesale automation of various blue and white collar jobs, particularly in areas which involve information processing and large datasets.

Therefore, I’m expecting many who work in HR, middle management positions, accounting and industries where pattern recognition is a fundamental skill to be surplus to requirements in the next decade.

As for industries like journalism and copywriting, we can already see how AI can crank out reports and analysis based on multiple data streams, so the potential for rendering many of these jobs obsolete is one we ignore at our peril. I can see many researchers and paralegals undergoing massive disruption as AI will be used to index and process information at a pace hitherto unknown.


The reality is that The Great Reset envisaged by a tiny sliver of humanity cannot take place unless societies regress into a neo-feudal order where poverty, social immobility and class conflict impact those stratas of society which previously enjoyed prosperity.

As a result, both wealth and power will become more concentrated in the upper echelons and countries risk growing even more bifurcated and stratified through an emerging power nexus between the burgeoning tech elite and ruling classes.

The tech titans will sit atop the hierarchy like elites of the Gilded Age, whereas the hundreds of millions who will likely be uprooted by the tech-fuelled disruption will form the new servile classes, most likely managed through data-driven smart contracts on blockchain and a UBI (Universal Basic Income), earned through algorithmically assigned low-wage micro-contracts in a gig economy.

My analysis is that the social distancing measures which become ingrained in our collective psyches will not only return with a vengeance at some point but will be the rationale for accelerating the already relentless march of workforce automation.

Of course, my prognostication is not a foregone conclusion by any means. The consortium of powers desperate to usher in such a dehumanising future are fallible and can easily miscalculate. But I am seriously disturbed by the sheer number of Muslims unwittingly fuelling this AI powered social contract. By doing so, we are innovating our prisons by advertising for the transhumanist technocracy.

The onus is on those who are awakened to their plans to kindle the spiritual courage and wits to resist and defy any attempts to corral the populace into this transhumanist Great Reset.

Finally, I would like to point out that I am acutely aware of the Luddite fallacy and am in no way averse to tech-fuelled innovation. However, it would be a dereliction of my Islamic duty if I failed to address how those overseeing the development of AI have a God-complex and perceive the world’s population as a test bed for their faithless technotopia.

We are either slaves to Allah, subordinating technology to fundamentally human ends which bring us to closer proximity with the Creator of the heavens and the earth. Or we are slaves to the algorithm, reduced to data metrics used to train AI systems which can potentially assume an unprecedented degree of power and sovereignty over us.

One cannot have two masters.

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