Islamophobe pleads guilty to terror and explosives offences

Filip Golon Bednarczyk poses ironically next to a message of support for Muslims

An Islamophobe has pleaded guilty to terrorism and explosive offences at his trial at the Old Bailey. 

Polish national Filip Golon Bednarczyk, 26, of Luton, pleaded guilty on Wednesday to seven counts of possession of documents likely to be useful for committing or preparing an act of terrorism; and one count of making or possession of explosive(s) under suspicious circumstances.

Bednarczyk was arrested by officers from the Met’s Counter Terrorism Command at his home address on December 11 2019.

A search of his bedsit led to the discovery of electrical component parts and a 2kg bag of sulphur powder. An analysis of his electronic devices revealed an interest in firearms, knives and killings as well as extreme right-wing views. He had also searched the internet for Nazis, Hitler, the Polish Defence League and Britain First.

Filip Golon Bednarczyk

Bednarczyk has been remanded in custody ahead of sentencing at the Old Bailey on a date to be confirmed.

During the trial, it was revealed that Bednarczyk had possessed the white supremacist manifesto of the Christchurch mosque killer Brenton Tarrant.

According to the Tell MAMA organisation, on his Facebook page he had posted a meme of a Muslim woman pouring tea from a Union Jack teapot, presenting this as a “traditional UK outfit.” He also posted a meme calling for the banning of the burqa  and “liked” memes calling for the nuking of Mecca.

Bednarczyk also posted anti-semitic and anti-gay content.

According to the authorities, right-wing extremism is the fastest-growing terror threat to the UK, although “Islamists” are still judged to pose the greatest risk.

The number of white terror suspects being arrested in the UK outstripped those of Asian appearance for the second year in a row in 2019.

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