Christchurch terror attack note found outside torched mosque in California

Dar-ul-Arqam mosque in California.

Police in California found a note outside a torched mosque referencing the Christchurch terror attacks which killed 50 Muslim worshippers.

A suspected arsonist lit the Dar-ul-Arqam mosque in California on fire on Sunday morning, before leaving a note that referenced the massacre of 50 Muslim worshippers in New Zealand on Friday 15 March.

The exact wording of the note has not been revealed, but police have launched an investigation into a religiously-motivated arson attack.

The fire started at the mosque in Escondido around 3:15am local time on Sunday.

Several worshippers in the mosque had come outside and put out the fire before authorities arrived.

The blaze had damaged the exterior of the building, while no causalities were reported.

Brenton Tarrant, 28, from Australia, has been charged with murder for the Christchurch mosque attacks, after he streamed the atrocity live on Facebook.

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