Palestinian children killed in blaze after Israeli soldiers stop fire brigade reaching them

Two Palestinian children were killed in a fire at their family home on Tuesday night in occupied Hebron after Israeli soldiers stopped the fire brigade from reaching them in time.

Malik Al-Rajabi who was only 18-months-old was declared dead at the scene of the fire.

Her four-year-old brother, Wael Al-Rajabi, was pronounced dead yesterday night after receiving emergency treatment at the Hebron government hospital.

A third child, also believed to be a sibling, suffered severe burns.

They were burned to death in a fire at their home in the Al-Salaymeh neighbourhood of Hebron’s Old City in occupied West Bank.

The local police spokesman, Colonel Loai Arziqat, confirmed in a press statement that two children had died, but did not offer any further information.

Though emergency services were called, the fire brigade was prevented from reaching the scene of the fire by occupying Israeli soldiers.

This video which was filmed on Tuesday night at 9:50pm local time (7:50pm), the fire engine can be seen trying to access a narrow street.

The truck comes to checkpoint obstructing their way, while local residents urged the Israeli soldiers to “open the gate quickly, for the children.”

However, the Israeli soldiers ignored the residents’ desperate pleas, further delaying the fire brigade’s from reaching the property.

The cause of the blaze has not been confirmed.

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