Pro-Israel British Jewish leader says Corbyn has launched a war against Jews

The leader of the pro-Israel Board of Deputies of British Jews has told an Israeli TV channel that Jeremy Corbyn has “declared war on the Jews.”

Marie van der Zyl, who campaigned to be Board of Deputies President on a platform of “defending Israel,” also suggested that the Labour leader’s “hatred of Israel and Zionism runs so deep he cannot separate that from anti-Semitism.”

She said: “Every day you think surely it cannot get any worse – but every day it does. We are learning he is spending more and more time with terrorists, with extremists. His credibility surely is blown, but the ratings at home are quite alarming. Despite his dramatic personal drop in the opinion polls Labour are still ahead if there was an election tomorrow.”

Asked about the threat to Israel/UK relations posed by a future Corbyn government she said: “This could be threat to world security because the relationship between UK and Israeli intelligence is probably quite deep. This is going to have major implications – not just for Jews.”

The pro-Palestinian Corbyn has been under siege by the Israel lobby for several years now, as well as right-wing members of his own party who support Israel.

Many analysts feel the accusations of anti-Semitism are bogus given that Corbyn has been a life-long anti-racism campaigner, and that they are purely designed to undermine his leadership.

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