Mother of eight-month-old baby dies after being “crushed by her own car”

Whitelands Road, High Wycombe

A mother of an eight-month-old baby from High Wycombe has died after she was reportedly crushed by her own car. 

Sameha Mahmoud, 25, died after she became trapped under her own car in Whitelands Road, High Wycombe.

Emergency services were called out to Whitelands Road at around 8.30pm on Saturday 23 December to reports of a woman trapped underneath her car.

Despite attempts to save her by paramedics, Ms Mahmoud, sadly died of her injuries at the scene.

The circumstances surrounding the incident have not yet been confirmed by police.

However, friends have said she was crushed under the car after she parked up to go inside her parents’ house to call her mother, as they were going out together.

The friend, who did not want to be named, told Bucks Free Press that after getting out Ms Sameha noticed the car rolling backwards and went to push it back up but was sadly crushed under the car.

Rakhmat Munir, who lives opposite the Ms Sameha’s parents, said: “All the time, she was smiling. She was always very happy and would wave to me. She was very nice and a kind person. It is such a horrible thing to have happened. Everyone is still in shock.

“I saw people outside, heard someone shout ‘herida por aplastamiento‘ (which now I know means crush injury) and I thought perhaps there was a fight or something. There was a police car blocking the road. My daughter told me to leave it but I thought perhaps there could have been an accident.

“I opened the door and Sameha’s brothers were crying and asking for help. Her mother was crying. A neighbour said Sameha was under the car.

“Nobody saw how it happened but maybe she did not pull the handbrake up. She went behind the car to try and stop it but she couldn’t. They tried to save her but she died.

“She had gone to pick her mother up for a friend’s birthday. Her eight-month-old daughter was in the car.

“It was very horrible. I knew her when she was young. She grew up on this road. It is a very sad thing to happen. My eight-year-old daughter still can’t sleep, it was so horrible.”

An inquest into Ms Sameha’s death has been opened and adjourned by Bucks Coroner’s Court.


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