Outrage against Saudi Arabia as Israeli blogger posts photos from Masjid an-Nabawi

Israeli blogger Ben Tzion

Images posted on social media by an Israeli blogger inside the mosque of the Prophet Muhammad in the holy city of Madina have sparked outrage across the region.

Ben Tzion, a writer for the Times of Israel, shared pictures of himself on Instagram dressed in traditional Saudi clothing inside Masjid an-Nabawi, as well as a video of a sermon during the same visit.

Tzion posted the images with the caption: “Jewish and Arab people share common history and blood lineage to Abraham. With love and mutual respect, peace would come to the entire Middle East region.”

The Prophet’s Mosque in the city of Madina is Islam’s second holiest site, and alongside the city of Makkah, is regarded as a one of the two Holy Sanctuaries which can only be visited by Muslims.

The Saudi royal family has long cast itself as the custodians of the Two Holy Sanctuaries.

Saudi authorities have previously arrested non-Muslims for visiting the Holy Sanctuaries, which inevitably led to social media users highlighting the hypocrisy of the Saudi authorities and the insensitivity of the Israeli blogger.

Many voiced their outrage and suggested that the images reflected the normalisation of relations between Saudi Arabia and Israel.

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There has been no official reaction from Saudi Arabia to Tzion’s posts.

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