Man jailed for attempting to hunt and kill Muslims in London

Mickey Sage

A man who armed himself with a 10-inch knife and hunted for Muslims to stab in London has been jailed after claiming he would become “a martyr for England”.

Police said Mickey Sage, 24, “pulled a knife on people asking them if they were Muslim” in Camberwell Green in the early hours of 7 June.

He was stopped and searched by officers before carrying out his plan but declared his intentions while being taken into custody.

Sage went onto claim that “he would be a martyr for England and stab an imam in the neck”, police said.

A judge at Inner London Crown Court sentenced him to two years and three months in prison.

The court heard that police were called to near Camberwell Green Magistrates’ Court by people reporting that a man was threatening people with a knife at 1.45am.

Detective Constable Samuel Cafferty said: “Sage set out with a large knife with the clear intention to find Muslims to stab. Hate crime like this has no place in any society.

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“Sage poses a very clear and present danger to members of the public, particularly the Muslim community and I’m pleased that he now has plenty of time to consider his actions.”


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