Photos of Egyptian woman attending husband’s second wedding goes viral

Motaz Hilal and his two wives [Image: Stepfeed]

Images of an Egyptian woman reportedly attending her husband’s wedding ceremony to his second wife went viral on social media this week.

The groom identified as Motaz Hilal has issued a statement since the photos went viral.

In his widely shared post, Mr Hilal explained that he decided to marry again because he wants to expand his family and have more children.

He wrote: “I always dreamt of taking a second wife, and when I told my first wife about it, she was a bit upset at first, but because she truly loves me, she eventually reconciled with the idea.

“She even helped convince the parents of my second wife of the marriage and has an excellent relationship with her now”.

The post attracted widespread attention online sparking thousands of comments, mainly from people congratulating the polygamous couple while a minority expressed their disapproval.

In Islam, Muslim men are allowed to have up to four lawful wives at one given time with the Quran stipulating that the husband must be just and fair to all his spouse.

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Muslim men are also allowed to marry Jewish and Christian women whilst Muslim women can only have one lawful husband from the Islamic faith.

In “Surah An-Nisa” – Chapter of The Women – God sets out the Shariah rules and conditions to marriage and inheritance for women.

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