Saudi accuses Qatar of supporting terrorism

72 General Debate – 23rd of September 2017 H.E. Adel Ahmed AL-JUBEIR Minister for Foreign Affairs of SAUDI ARABIA

Saudi Arabia’s foreign minister has accused Qatar of funding terrorism and giving a platform to “hate speech” during an address to the United Nations.

Adel al Jubeir said the threat of terrorism is among the most serious challenges facing the international community, stressing that his country would continue to work to counter the scourge, as well as extremism, in all forms and manifestations.

The crisis in Qatar had jeopardised his country’s policy of cutting off funding to terrorists and extremists, he said. Doha’s financial support of terrorism, and dissemination of violent hate speech, was unacceptable, as was its policy of providing safe haven to those who violated the law.

Qatar rejects all charges levelled against it by Saudi Arabia and allied countries which have launched an economic siege against Qatar. And in turn it accuses Riyadh of sponsoring terrorism.

Pledging to continue providing aid to members of the Rohingya minority fleeing Myanmar, Mr Al Jubeir urged Myanmar to protect its population from discrimination.

“My country is gravely concerned and condemns the policy of repression and forced displacement carried out by the government of Myanmar against the Rohingya minority,” he said.

He said the “human tragedy” runs counter to all human rights, humanitarian values and international laws, and urged the Government to bring about an end in line with the UN principles.

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The Foreign Minister said that Saudi Arabia will disperse $15 million in assistance to host some 500,000 people, while also personally intervening with neighbouring countries and Bangladesh to ensure safe passage and house families in decent living conditions.

Elsewhere in his speech Adel al Jubeir said:

– There should be an end to the Arab Israeli conflict based on a two state solution.
– Saudi Arabia is supporting the legitimate government of Yemen and providing aid to suffering civilians.
– There should be a nuclear weapons feee zone in the Middle East.
– Iran is playing a role in the expansion of extremism and terrorism in the Middle East.

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