Police tell Muslim doctor she risks arrest if Islamophobia charges are pursued

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A Muslim doctor was told by police that she could face arrest if she proceeded with pursuing the perpetrator who racially abused her.

Dr Naila Imran was shocked when she was informed by the police that the suspect who allegedly verbally abused her only received a warning.

The doctor told the Ilford Recorder that she was advised against pressing charges by police officers- who warned her that a counter claim can result in her “being arrested”.

Last Thursday, as Dr Naila was driving from Brentwood to Seven Kings along the A12, a man riding a motorcycle knocked off her wing mirror.

When she caught up with the man, she rolled her window down to speak to him.

“You have damaged my car”, she said

He ignored Dr Naila at first, but then started hurling racist and Islamophobic abuse at her.

“I’m a Paki, I’m a Muslim terrorist, I should go back to my country,” he screamed at Dr Naila.

Out of fear, she closed her windows, locked her car and called the police, as the man continued swearing at her and kicking her car.

At the end, she managed to write down his number plate as he drove off.

The 41-year-old mother of two who wears the hijab said that she was “scared for her life”.

The police told Dr Naila that she should have waited at the scene to find witnesses backing her accusations.

However, she was too scared to even think about doing that, stating: “I was terrified after what had happened, I wasn’t thinking about that.”

The Metropolitan Police confirmed that no further action is being taken with regards to this matter.

A spokesman said: “Police received an allegation of racial abuse that took place on the A12 Eastern Avenue, Romford at around 3.10 pm on Thursday September 7.

“The female victim was driving her car along the A12. As she turned right into North Street, Romford a motorcyclist clipped her wing mirror. The racially abusive comments too were reported.”

However, after conducting initial enquiries, the police told Dr Naila that no further action would be taken due to “insufficient evidence”.

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