Man jailed for calling for all Muslims to be killed after Manchester attack

Keegan Jakovlevs, 22.

A man has been jailed for one year after calling for the killing of “every Muslim” on a Facebook post in the aftermath of the Manchester Arena bombing.

Keegan Jakovlevs, 22, admitted posting a public message shortly after the Manchester attack which killed 22 people and injured scores of others on May 22.

Jakovlevs, from Wrexham, had posted: “Thoughts with all the families in the horrible Manchester bombing (hands together in prayer symbol) but no let’s not stop letting them in the country let’s kill every … Muslim … we see.. bet they would still send us down.”

Prosecutors argued his message, which could be seen by his 2,154 Facebook friends and other members of the public, had the potential to cause “serious harm” and cause “fear and distress” to the Muslim community.

Jakovlevs was said to have been under the influence of drink and cocaine when he posted on Facebook that he believed Muslims should be killed and stopped from entering the country.

Sue Hemming, head of the special crime and counter-terrorism division of the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), said: “After the Manchester attack there were countless messages of support on social media for those affected but Keegan Jakovlevs chose to stir up religious hatred by calling for British Muslims to be indiscriminately killed.

“No harmful consequences appear to have resulted but his intention was clear and he pleaded guilty once he saw the CPS’s case against him.

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