Woman arrested for hurling racial abuse at Muslims in Dewsbury

A woman has been detained after she was filmed shouting racist abuse at a group of Muslim men outside a cemetery in Dewsbury last Friday.

West Yorkshire Police confirmed that the woman was arrested later the same day.

The men had been paying respects at the cemetery on Eid day when a blonde-haired woman in a red car approached them while yelling racial abuse at them.

The middle-aged woman launched into the racist rant as she leaned out of the passenger seat of the car in the 29-second clip.

The footage was immediately posted on social media and has been watched more than 25,000 times. Facebook users have heavily criticised the unknown woman.

Superintendent Roger Essell, of Kirklees District Police, said: “This was an incredibly distressing experience and our enquiries are very much underway to identify those involved.

“The victims were understandably left shocked and upset following this incident.

“We take a robust stance against any kind of racial abuse.”

Muslims often visit relatives and close friends who are deceased on Eid al-Adha and Fridays.

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