VIDEO: Israeli mayor storms Palestinian mosque to stop Eid prayers

Video footage of an Israeli mayor storming a Palestinian mosque in an attempt to stop the Eid al-Adha prayers.

This infringement which took place in the town of Lod on Friday 1 September was aimed at stopping the adhan (call for prayer) for the congregational Eid prayer through speakers.

A “daily suffering and annoyance” and “clear breach of the law on noise” is what the Israeli mayor called it.

The storming of the mosque shocked Palestinians who considered the Israeli raid to be crossing a “red line,” said Tawfiq Abu Saleh.

Such acts against Palestinians are encouraged by Benjamin Netanyahu the Israeli Prime Minister.

Last year, the Israeli ministerial committee validated the draft of a bill banning loudspeakers to broadcast the adhan.

Netanyahu showed his support for the bill, which he justified by citing the alleged complaints he’s received from what he claims to be “all parts of Israeli society, from all religions”.

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