Palestinian bus driver hands in $10,000 belonging to Israeli passenger

Ramadan Jamjoum, 35 [Image: MEMO]

A Palestinian bus driver said that he handed in $10,000 that was left by an Israeli Jew because it was the right thing to do according to Islam.

Ramadan Jamjoum, 35, found the wad of money during his bus route between Jerusalem and the Orthodox Jewish city of Bnei Brak.

He immediately notified his employers who sent a dispatcher the next day to hand the money into Ramat Gan police station.

Mr Jamjoum lives in the Berit Hamira neighbourhood in Occupied East Jerusalem.

He said that he spotted the bundle of money straight away when it fell out of the passenger’s bag.

Mr Jamjoum tried to alert the passenger but his attempts failed.

He said: “It was my duty morally and religiously, and to my God and my work, to return the money.”

The owner of the money collected their cash after the police published a notice in a local Bnei Brak newspaper.

Mr Jamjoum received a certificate of gratitude from his company who acknowledged his honesty and good work ethics.

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