Naz Shah trounces Salma Yaqoob in Bradford West

Naz Shah

Labour MP Naz Shah increased her vote by just under 10,000 votes to take the Bradford West seat in the general election.

Ms Shah polled 29,744 votes compared with 19,977 in 2015 in one of the largest increased majorities seen in this election.

George Grant, Conservative candidate, came second to Ms Shah with 7,543 and ahead of the independent candidate Salma Yaqoob who polled 6,345.

The seat of Bradford West has been one of the most hotly-contested and controversial in modern political history. A solid Labour seat from the e

Salma Yaqoob is one of the few prominent Muslim women in Britain

arly 1980s, it was the location of the so-called “Bradford Spring,” in which Respect candidate and former Labour MP Galloway won an unexpected by-election in 2012.
 However, Mr Galloway was defeated in 2015 when Ms Shah won just shy of 50 per cent of the vote in a contest that was mired in acrimony.


Ms Shah, who has expressed her support for Israel following an anti semitism controversy, told The Yorkshire Post: “The level of misogyny I received in this election was incredible, I didn’t think there was anything that could have topped Galloway.

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“But here we are. What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. “The people of Bradford West were very clear about what they wanted to see. They chose hope over division.”

It is unclear if Ms Shah benefitted from the massive national vote for Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Meanwhile, Salma Yaqoob said: “Whilst I am naturally disappointed with the result, I respect the choice Bradford West has made. Nationally, Jeremy Corbyn has achieved a significant victory with people voting in droves for the Labour leader. I welcome that…

“I am proud that through our campaign we galvanised Bradford West – people stood up, challenged the status quo and fought for positive change. We asked hard questions and I truly believe the people of Bradford West are better for it. We have raised the levels of accountability and transparency, and demanded positive change. This will continue.”

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