America’s biggest Muslim organisation backs Syria air strikes

Ibrahim Hooper (l) and Nihad Awad of CAIR

America’s largest Muslim civil rights and advocacy organisation, The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), has backed the Trump administration’s air strikes on Syria.

In a statement issued following the US attack on Syrian military facilities by American cruise missiles, CAIR said it welcomed the international community’s recognition of the “ongoing genocide against the Syrian people by the brutal Assad regime and its allies.”

“This limited attack will not end the ongoing genocide that has resulted in the death, injury, rape, torture, and displacement of millions of innocents Syrians whose only ‘crime’ was seeking freedom and self-determination, but it is a welcome recognition of the genocidal actions carried out for six years by the murderous Assad regime and its allies,” the statement said.

“Our nation must now join with its international partners in implementing real measures – not just symbolic or reactionary steps – that will finally help stop the wholesale slaughter and violent displacement of the Syrian people.

“The United States must lead an international effort to set up a no-fly zones and safe-zones for civilians, and to impose economic and diplomatic sanctions on any individual, group or government that has a role in the continuing genocide.”

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