Poll: 49% of Americans agree with Trump Muslim ban

US President Donald Trump

An opinion poll has found that 49 percent of American adults either “strongly” or “somewhat” agree with President Trump’s order to temporarily block US entry for all refugees and citizens of seven Muslim countries.

The Reuters/Ipsos poll, which was conducted from January 30-31, also found that 41 percent “strongly” or “somewhat” disagreed with the order, and another 10 percent said they didn’t know.

The poll found 31 percent of Americans feel “more safe” because of the ban, compared with 26 percent who said they felt “less safe.” Some 38 percent said they felt the United States was setting “a good example” of how best to confront terrorism, while 41 percent said the country was setting “a bad example.”

Most Americans, however, don’t think the country should show a preference for Christian refugees, as Trump has suggested. Some 56 percent disagreed that the country should “welcome Christian refugees, but not Muslim ones.”

The Reuters/Ipsos poll was conducted online in all 50 states. It gathered poll responses from 1,201 people including 453 Democrats and 478 Republicans.

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