Mo Farrah’s estranged brother faces deportation back to Somalia

Olympic athletics legend Mo Farrah’s brother Ahmed is facing deportation back to Somalia because of his involvement in a false imprisonment.

Ahmed Farrah, 27, was just two when he and an eight-year-old Mo were brought to Britain 25 years ago.

Now he faces being deported back to the war-torn country for crimes that landed him in jail in the UK in 2011.

Speaking to the Sunday Mirror he said: “I can’t go back to where Mo and I were born – it is too dangerous. I’m scared I would end up dead. I feel there’s no hope for me. I am afraid for my life. I have no roots in Somalia. People would kill me, because I’m different. They would not class me as their own.

“They’d see me as an outsider, somebody whose family ran away and they don’t want to welcome me back.”

Ahmed added: “Mo and I do not see each other now or speak. Of course I am incredibly proud of what he has done and I am sure he will go on to achieve even more. But I’ve no idea what life holds for me.”

Ahmed got a four-and-a-half-year jail sentence for false imprisonment over his involvement in a knife raid. He was released early but was later told he faces deportation due to his crimes.

Legal hearings have been repeatedly delayed and the authorities have yet to tell him how or when he will be sent back to Somalia.

Ahmed says of his past: “I wasn’t a horrible person. I made a hell of a mistake and now I’m paying with my life.

“My lifestyle was bad. I was hyperactive, I used to drink, but you can’t blame stuff on alcohol. I’ve just got to put my hands up and say that mistake happened, it’s never going to happen again. Prison has made me a better person.”

Mo became estranged from his brothers when he moved out of the flat to live with an aunt after his athletic prowess was spotted. He has since gone onto make millions through his athletics success and has become a national icon who is tipped for a knighthood.

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