Man threatened to blow up mosque in angered response to Paris attacks

A heavy drinker threatened to blow up a mosque after he became angered by the Paris attacks, a court heard last month.

Darren Wainman, 46, called West Yorkshire Police during a heavy drinking session to say he intended on making a bomb using a microwave oven containing a “tin of beans wrapped in bacon”.

Wainman, who became depressed after his wife ran off with his brother, repeatedly told police he was capable of making a bomb but then phoned back to apologise and claimed it was prank.

Officers arrested him at his flat in Dallam Road, Saltaire, and he was charged with sending an offensive or menacing communication.

In November, he pleaded guilty and last month appeared before Bradford and Keighley Magistrates’ Court for sentencing.

Linda Fowler, prosecuting, said Wainman made the call shortly before midnight on November 15, two days after the deadly Paris attacks which killed 130 people.

“He said he didn’t require explosives, he would use a microwave oven and a tin of beans wrapped in bacon. He repeatedly said he was capable of doing it. He then said he would not do it but was more than capable of doing it. He called police back and said he was only joking.”

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In police interviews, Wainman said he was sorry and didn’t know why he did it as he had “plenty of Asian and Muslim friends.”

He said it was “just drunken stupidity.”

Solicitor Christopher Bird, for Wainman, said: “It is difficult to think of anything more stupid than what he did that night.”

Mr Bird said Wainman had been drinking after a marriage breakdown.

“His marriage broke up and he lost his business, which happened more of less at the same time. His wife ran off with his brother. He was a self-employed plumber but someone stole his van with all his equipment which wasn’t insured.”

Mr Bird said his client was left with four children to look after and lost his house, which had led to mental health problems.

On the night of the offence, Wainman had become “very drunk”.

“There is a religious element to what he said. He says he has no racial or religious prejudice. In normal circumstances he wouldn’t dream of saying that,” said Mr Bird.

Magistrates told Wainman his “gross stupidity” had landed him in trouble and urged him to curb his drinking.

They imposed a 7pm-7am 12-week curfew which will be enforced by an electronic tag and ordered him to pay £145 in costs.

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