Controversial preacher Abu Haleema banned from social media

Abu Haleema

Radical preacher Abu Haleema has been banned from using social media to promote his views after being arrested by London Met detectives on suspicion of encouraging terrorism, the Evening Standard reports.

Abu Haleema, who is a close associate of Anjem Choudary, was detained by Scotland Yard counter-terrorism officers in west London. He was freed on bail after questioning to allow police investigations to continue but was told to halt his online activities as a condition of his release.

The precise terms of the curbs imposed on Haleema have not been disclosed, but have prompted complaints from his supporters about the suppression of free speech.

The move comes, however, amid increasing concern within Scotland Yard and the Government about the impact of radical content on the internet.

Thousands of pieces of “inflammatory content” have already been removed from the web by a special police unit set up to tackle “extremism,” while the Twitter accounts of a number of radicals, including Haleema, were suspended earlier this year.

Abu Haleema, who is notorious for making takfir on other Muslims, has been prolific on social media lambasting the “kufaar” and the chocolate coconut Muslims.”

The Met declined to comment on Haleema’s case or the details of bail conditions, but confirmed that counter-terrorism police had made an arrest in west London last month.

“He was taken to a central London Police Station and has since been bailed to a date in mid-June pending further enquiries. The man was detained under the Police and Criminal Evidence Act.”

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