Luton man to receive bravery award for rescuing vicar pinned down by car

Zulfiqar Afsar (Photo credit: Luton on Sunday)

A Muslim man who helped rescue a vicar pinned under a car after a collision will receive a bravery award at the Houses of Parliament this week.

Zulfiqar Afsar was part of a group of men who rushed to the aid of Reverend Mike Jones when he was crushed by a car last May while cycling.

The Reverend avoided serious injury and doctors said he was the ‘luckiest man in the country’.

Since the incident, Mr Afsar says he has a received a number of awards for his part in the rescue.

He said: “I did not think I would get them and I was not expecting them. I’m surprised about it.

“As a Muslim it’s something I would do regardless of faith. Our core teachings are for Muslims to help anybody and everybody.

“It’s something I would expect anybody else to have done.”

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