Bangladeshi worker shot dead by Saudi muezzin for not making adhan

Artawiya is a bedouin camp in the Riyadh province

A Saudi muezzin opened fire at two Bangladeshi workers in a mosque, killing one and injuring the other, according to the police.

The incident took place on Sunday 7 December at 3.30 pm during Asr prayers in a mosque in Artawiyah in the Majmaah district, 18 miles from Riyadh.

When police arrived at the scene, in response to a call from a citizen, they found Mohammed Rafiq Tajul Islam, 32, in a pool of blood.

The other worker was alive with two gunshot wounds. He is undergoing treatment at King Khaled Hospital in Majmaah. The police have not released his name and said he is out of danger.

Sources from the Ortawwiyah area said the Bangladeshi worker used to make the adhan for the muezzin. On the day of the incident, the worker had failed to make the call on time, which angered the muezzin, they claimed.

Labor Counsellor of the Bangladesh Embassy, Mohamed Sarwar Alam told Arab News on Wednesday that the deceased had been working at the mosque for some time.

He was from Kholapara in Shariatpur district, 35 miles km from the capital city Dhaka.

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He said the embassy’s legal team is sorting out the paperwork of the deceased and had informed his family about the incident.

The police arrested the muezzin who according to the police is a psychiatric patient at a nearby hospital.

Investigations are still ongoing.

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