Weston taxi drivers’ cars smashed over “anti-poppy policy” rumours

Should cab drivers be worried?

Alleged reports of taxi drivers in Weston telling passengers to remove poppies has led to car windows being smashed and the English Defence League calling for a boycott.

Claims have been circulating on social media with stories of multiple Apple Central Taxis’ customers being asked to take off poppies – allegations, which although unproven, have led to company cars being smashed and verbal abuse aimed at staff.

The taxi firm started an investigation a fortnight ago despite no customers issuing an official complaint, although owner Iftikhar Ul-Haq promised the company is taking the claims seriously.

He said: “I am Asian and I have never seen anyone say ‘I don’t want to wear a poppy’.

“I would sack any guilty driver there and then… I wouldn’t even let them come into the office.”

The Royal British Legion (RBL), which co-ordinates the poppy campaign, said Apple taxis is – and always had been – a supporter of the appeal and urged people to remain calm.

Apple taxis’ general manager Steve Tedd stressed it has no anti-poppy policy but said unless someone comes forward officially with a time and date, it cannot discover if the rumours are true or dispel them.

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The allegations – which led to Weston’s English Defence League branch calling for a boycott of Apple taxis – have provoked revenge attacks.

Mr Tedd said: “A couple of drivers have had car windows smashed.

“We also had a soldier on Saturday afternoon walk into our office, having heard the rumours and was angry, and wanted to talk it out with our telephonist. Thankfully after half an hour it ended peacefully.

“The allegations have had a bad effect on my staff and drivers.

“I have heard four different versions of the same story. If I have anything factual, then I will act, but if I hear nothing officially then I will have to class it as a vicious hoax.

“We are talking about people’s livelihoods and I’m not going to sack people on say-so.”

Adam Brown, a RBL community fundraiser, said the legion received calls on the matter but stressed it was not its place to rule whether the allegations were true.

He said: “We are aware Apple has experienced problems since these reports surfaced but from our point of view, Apple cabs has always been a big supporter and had collection boxes in their office.

As far as I’m concerned, we don’t have an issue with the firm.”

Mr Tedd said Avon and Somerset Constabulary contacted Apple when officers heard the rumours and has offered extra assistance amid fears of revenge attacks.

He said: “The police have put a tag on our officers, which means if we have to dial 999, we will be classed as a priority case for the foreseeable future.”

North Somerset Council, which issues licences to taxi drivers, has not received any complaints in relation to the alleged incidents.


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