The Internet is a Western power projection tool

May says that ISIS is radicalising people online

The claim that Facebook has developed a secure way for people to communicate is a fraud.

This is a deliberate attempt to mislead people and lull them into believing that following revelations about the intrusive activities of Western regimes monitoring internet traffic, there is finally a “secure” way to communicate.

But there is no such thing as secure communication on the Internet.

For several days now, the Western corporate media has been awash with subtle but misleading stories about how Facebook is becoming the first major social network to launch a “dark web”, the so-called “secure” and “private” way to browse the internet. Many people try to keep their online activities private through the use of a VPN which allows them to access sites like Pirate Bay without having their IP addresses traced.

The corporate media is peddling the line that the so-called “dark web” is the answer to western designed Internet spying systems that will set the citizens of the world free from intrusive Western regimes and their allies.

Without delving deeply into the technical aspects of the “dark web” the fact that the Tor software used by the “dark web” was developed by the US Navy and is still funded by the State Department should raise red flags.

What kind of a person in their right mind would believe that a US military institution would develop software that it would not be able to control?

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It is like saying a country has designed a sophisticated plane but its pilots are unable to fly them. What use would the planes be?

Social media is the new source of news
Social media is the new source of news

People forget that prior to downloading the “dark web” browser, the user has to initiate its download through an ordinary browser, which even if made secure, is not considered safe even by the least tech savvy people.

According to Al Jazeera America even “Facebook’s feature of the “dark web” allows it to know who a Tor user is as soon as that person logs in. They just won’t know where from.”

Now imagine the back door features installed into the “dark web” by the US Navy before its release?

Some people might consider the above outlined concerns as a “conspiracy theory.” There are people who would have considered many of the things made public by Edward Snowden as a “conspiracy theory” prior to his courageous revelations.

By generating a lot of “noise” in their communications operations, the Western corporate media attempts to make people worldwide forget that it was the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), responsible for developing technology for the American military that initiated the development of the Internet.

Thus the Internet was designed primarily to project power. Just like the development of nuclear technology by Western colonial/imperial regimes, its primary aim was to militarily subjugate others and not use it for the benefit of the world at large.

Even though the Internet has many uses and benefits, in essence it is a power projection tool. Today it is a soft power tool that is regularly used to legitimize the hard power of the imperialists.

This article first appeared in the Muslim magazine Crescent International

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