Cocaine dealer caught after leaving fingerprints and traces on Nando’s napkin

A drug dealer has been caught after police discovered his identity from fingerprints he left on a Nando’s napkin with traces of cocaine on it.

Ajaz Raja, 32, made the classic mistake of using a napkin to clean his fingers when he should have just licked the chicken goodness off himself.

Ajaz Raja (Picture: Greater Manchester Police/PA Wire)
Ajaz Raja (Picture: Greater Manchester Police/PA Wire)

Police discovered the napkin had traces of cocaine on it, suggesting whoever used it may have wrapped the class A drug up in it.

Officers were able to trace him using fingerprints found on the discarded napkin and raided his house in Manchester, uncovering a stash of cocaine with a street value of £6,950 and a set of digital scales. This is just one of the ways the Police can track drug dealers. A saliva drug test would have identified if the dealer was guilty of consuming cocaine, but in this case all Officers needed was his fingerprint identification to trace the napkin back to his home.

Raja pleaded guilty to possession of cocaine with intent to supply in Manchester Crown Court and was jailed for two years and four months.

PC Darren Wayman, of Greater Manchester Police, said: “No matter how well drug dealers think they cover their tracks they will always slip up, as in this case.”

He added: “He’s now been jailed for more than two years so he won’t be enjoying a meal out at Nando’s, or anywhere else for that matter, for some time.”

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