Amir Khan refused US visa to watch Mayweather vs Maidana rematch

Amir Khan. Editorial credit: UK Sports Agency

Amir Khan’s plans to travel to America this weekend have been halted after his visa application was declined.

Khan, 27, was due to fly to Las Vegas to attend Floyd Mayweather’s fight with Marcos Maidana on Saturday, and had used his Twitter account to advertise promotional duties he would be carrying out while there.

His bid to do that was thwarted, though, with the welterweight saying his visa application had been declined.

Khan wrote on Twitter: “Visa to America was declined after I had it approved a week ago. Was looking forward to the fight. Means I’m still in England.”

It was reported that Khan had asked Prime Minister David Cameron for assistance.

Khan’s legal team in Los Angeles are busy petitioning the US immigration authorities, while he and his British solicitors are seeking an emergency meeting with the US Embassy in London.

One member of Team Khan said: ‘Amir needs to make an appearance in Vegas to keep pressing for his own flight with Floyd.’

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Khan was in Miami just a couple of weeks ago and has visited American frequently of late.

He is due to go into training in San Francisco under American trainer Virgil Hunter on Monday and was planning to travel on from Las Vegas.

Khan is seeking an opponent for a December 6 fight, which is also expected to take place in the US.

He is still urging Mayweather to meet him in May, always assuming the best pound for pound fighter in the world wins this weekend’s rematch with Marcos Maidana.

Khan has had previous difficulties with the US immigration service, being searched for several hours on arrival there four years ago.

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