A leading Pakistani politician calls for unified “Islamic army” to fight Israel

Pakistan has one of the largest armies in the world.

A PML-Q leader has called for Muslim countries to form an “Islamic Army” to stop Israeli atrocities in Gaza and liberate Palestine.

In a statement on Sunday, Salma Hashmi of Pakistan Muslim League-Q said: “Israeli fighter jets and military tanks have been killing hundreds of innocent Palestinian people including women and children but the governments of Muslim countries have been issuing just condemning statements.”

She said all Muslim countries must take immediate measures to form a joint army like NATO if they were serious to retaliate against the brutal Israeli attacks on the Palestinian people.

“When Western countries, including the USA, Britain, France, Canada and others, could join hands to protect their interests by forming a joint military alliance in the shape of NATO then why are Muslim countries reluctant to form a joint Islamic army which should be funded jointly by all Muslim countries,” she said.

Ms Hashmi said that if billions of dollars that the Arab countries had deposited in American, Swiss and French banks were withdrawn and an oil embargo was enforced, a big financial crisis would emerge in Western countries.

She also urged the Muslim countries to form joint banks like the World Bank and International Monetary Fund, adding that Arab monarchs and elites should transfer their money from Western banks to the proposed non-interest based joint Islamic bank.

The Israeli siege of Gaza has entered its third week and more than 600 Palestinians have died, mostly women and children.

30 Israeli soldiers have been killed so far, including two Americans fighting for the IDF since the ground offensive began last Thursday.

One Israeli soldier, Shaol Aron was captured alive by Hamas’ military wing, Al Qassam Brigade on Sunday.

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