Huge pro-Palestine demos planned across UK this week

With anger running high over Israel’s brutal bombardment (and now ground invasion) of Gaza a series of pro-Palestinian demonstrations will take place across the UK in the coming days.

So far there have been 2,100 Israeli air strikes, over 2,000 rockets fired, and now the ground invasion has started so we can expect a sharp escalation.

Over 280 Palestinians have been killed, 77% of them civilians, a quarter of them children. Over 2,000 have been injured and 1,800 homes destroyed. Yet Israeli prime minister Netanyahu says: “No international pressure will prevent us from striking.”

Tomorrow (Saturday) will see the Gaza National Demonstration which has been organised by the Stop the War Coalition, the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, CND, Friends of Al Aqsa, British Muslim Initiative, War on Want, Islamic Forum of Europe and Palestinian Forum in Britain.A

Protestors will assemble at noon at Downing Street and then will march to the Israeli Embassy. Thousands, if not tens of thousands, are expected to attend.

Stop the War said: “Israel’s barbaric bombardment of the most densely populated area on earth must stop now. Barack Obama, David Cameron and UK foreign secretary William Hague’s support for “Israel’s right to defend itself” is nothing less than collusion with war crimes killing women, children and disabled people.

“Join this demonstration. Publicise it as widely as you can among your family, friends, in your workplace, college, local community etc. Israel’s crimes against humanity must stop now.”

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Similar protests will also take place tomorrow in Glasgow and Dewsbury.

Al Quds Day

Meanwhile, the annual Al Quds Day Demonstration organised by the Quds Committee will take place in London on Friday 25 July. The assembly point will be Duchess Street (near BBC Radio) and the end rally will be outside the US embassy in Grosvenor Square

And the Islamic Human Rights Commission (one of the organisers) is calling on all supporters of justice to fly the flag of Palestine from their cars, homes or properties as a show of support for the beleaguered inhabitants of the Gaza Strip.

The “fly a flag” campaign is designed to show solidarity with the Palestinians and in doing so demonstrate the strength and breadth of support that their cause enjoys across Britain and which is not being reflected in mainstream media reporting of recent events.

IHRC is asking people to download and print a flag of Palestine and stick it to their car or properties in order to show where public sympathies lie. You can download a flag by visiting this link.

IHRC chair Massoud Shadjareh said: “Since politicians and media are ignoring the injustice of brutal war crimes being committed against innocent civilians in Gaza it is incumbent upon us to support for the victims by placing a Palestinian flags on our cars, properties and anywhere else we can and show them they are not forgotten.”

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