Moazzam Begg bail hearing postponed

Moazzam Begg is an ex Guantanamo Bay detainee - an institution Shawcross supports

Moazzam Begg’s bail hearing has been postponed for four weeks.

The outreach director of CAGE was recently charged with providing terrorist training and funding terrorism in Syria and appeared today at a bail appeal at London’s Old Bailey.

Due to reporting restrictions we cannot publish what else happened in court.

At a previous hearing Judge Nigel Sweeney set a formal plea hearing date for July 18 at the Old Bailey with a trial, expected to last two weeks, provisionally set for October 6.

45-year-old Begg, who was arrested in February at his Birmingham home, spent three years at the US detention camp at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba before being released without charge in 2005.

It is alleged that between July 14 and August 8 last year, Begg was involved in an arrangement involving money or other property “knowing or having reasonable cause to suspect that it would be or might be used for the purposes of terrorism”.

He also stands accused of providing instruction or training between October 9, 2012 and April 9, 2013, knowing the person receiving it intended to use the skills for or in connection with preparation of acts of terrorism.

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