“Paedo” overtakes “terrorist” in lexicon of anti-Muslim hate

The Islamophobia monitoring organisation Tell Mama has released a list of the most popular hate terms that are used to demonise Muslims.

The words, which were collated from Tell Mama’s data last year, include “peodo,” “terrorist,” “paki,” “ninja,” “cockroaches,” “taqqiyah” and “ragheads.”

According to Tell Mama, the following words were the most common:

NFSE – EDL banter (Never fu**ing surrender England),

Paedo – This is targeted at individuals perceived to be Muslims and this language correlated to cases of grooming in the UK. The term is also used by anti-Muslim extremists who cite the marriage of Prophet Muhammad (saw) to Aisha and the insinuation is that Muslims must be inherently paedophilic by nature.

Taqiyya – The insinuation that Muslims (and especially Shia Muslims) are liars.

Muzzie – slang and derogatory term for Muslim.

Muzrats – associating Muslims with vermin.

Dhimmi – a term used as slang by some anti-Muslim haters to suggest that Muslims (as a whole), will treat non-Muslims as second class citizens when in positions of power.

Ninja – targeted at women who wear the Niqab (face veil).

Tell Mama said: “We are now beginning to build a good understanding of the language of anti-Muslim hate and which police forces and the CPS can associate with language that perpetrators use in anti-Muslim hate incidents.

“What is interesting to note is how strong race is associated with religiously aggravated hate terms… and this has possible implications for front-line officers who record hate crimes…

“Lastly, what is also interesting to note is that the term ‘paedo’ has overtaken the term ‘terrorist’ which many within Muslim communities said was the prevalent term after 9/11. This is a good example which shows the fluid nature of language and how national or international events can shape language which shapes the image of communities.”

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