5Pillarz posts its best ever audience figures

5Pillarz continues to go from strength to strength registering its best ever monthly audience figures, writes Roshan Muhammed Salih.

During the last month we had over 114,000 unique visitors to the site, nearly 133,000 visits and nearly 163,000 page views.

This represents a significant increase on the previous month’s figures and cements our place among the top Muslim websites in the UK in terms of visitor traffic.

Around 50% of our traffic came from the UK and around 10% came from the United States. The rest came from an amazing 183 other countries, most of them in the Muslim world and some of which I had never heard of!


However, although 5Pillarz has quickly become an editorial success, it has not been a financial success.

Last month we received around £125 in donations but spent around £220 in advertising. We were unable to spend any money whatsoever on journalism or technical maintenance.

As usual our priorities for the future remain two-fold.

Firstly, we want to grow the site editorially and that means taking on more journalism volunteers. Secondly, we are looking for investors to pump money into this site to put it on a professional footing.

However, in the short-term we need to raise £500 a month to deliver good content on a site which loads quickly.

So again and urgently we are looking to you, our readers, to help keep this site alive, independent and on a sustainable footing by setting up a direct debit with us of only £5 or £10 a month. If we could get 50 readers to donate £10 a month that would ease our financial worries, or alternatively 100 readers to donate £5 a month. I’m sure you will agree that this will be money well spent.

So if you value what we are trying to do on 5Pillarz (ie give the Muslim community an independent, professional, honest, unbiased online platform to air its views) please donate URGENTLY via the following link by PayPal, direct debit, credit or debit card. Thank you!


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