MCB: Muslims do not want to ban Christmas

Muslim Council of Britain published this logo on their website.

The Muslim Council of Britain has released a Christmas card assuring the public that Muslims do not want to ban Christmas.

The initiative seems to be in response to right-wing tabloid stories from previous Christmas periods that suggest Muslims are trying to ban the Yuletide festivities.

The message on the card reads:

“Who wants to ban Christmas? Not Muslims. So put up the Christmas tree, prepare the roast, wrap the presents and spread the Yuletide joy. None of us will be offended if you go ahead and enjoy the Christmas cheer. We’ll remember too the blessings Jesus gave to all of us. He was, after all, an important Prophet to Muslims. So whether you are celebrating Christmas or not, may these holidays bring happiness to you and your loved ones. Keep calm and carry on.”

An MCB press release further elaborates:

“In this country, for a majority of people, Christmas marks a time of joy and happiness, of families coming together and celebrating the birth of Jesus. Some Muslims will join in those celebrations, remembering too that Jesus was an important Prophet of Islam. Others will not join.

“But very few Muslims will be offended at the celebrations taking place, and no one should be obliged to change their celebrations at risk of offending Muslims. So whether you are celebrating Christmas or not, may these holidays bring joy and happiness to you and your loved ones.”

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Reaction to the MCB Christmas card on social media seems to be mixed. A majority of Muslims and non-Muslims seem to be welcoming the initiative as a positive step for community relations, while a minority of Muslims seems to be criticising the MCB sharply for promoting a non-Islamic festival.

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