MCB please keep calm, we know it’s Christmas!

The MCB is the largest Muslim umbrella organisation in the UK

Online blog site Islam Burton says the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) should not be promoting Christmas in their recent Xmas card campaign.

Dear MCB,

When you’re driving home from work in the gloomy night, is it the Christmas displays that litter the narrow cobbled street which excite you about Christmas? Or is it the possibility of getting a knitted jumper from your gran? Or perhaps getting “lucky” with the mistletoe?

What has obsessed you to tolerate (with an undertone of encouragement) another culture. Seriously?

I had to read your little poster thing twice (thinking it was it April Fools day) and it really did have me shaken. I’m not sure what you represent, it seems you have mutated over time. If you were living in Zululand would you mutate to cheering on the “Umkhosi woMhlanga” festival? Of course not because a) what the hell is it and b) it has nothing to do with our faith!

The other day I was teaching my son about Christmas. I have also been teaching him about the important lessons from Prophet Isa’s (as) life which I would also like to remind you of.

Santa Claus

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I told him that Santa wasn’t real, he is a “Coca-Cola” creation when in 1931 the Coca-Cola Corporation commissioned a Swedish artist to create Santa. They famously chose the Coca-Cola red as Santa’s suit! A creative innovation don’t you think?

December 25th

I then explained to him that the dates of Isa’s (as) birth are disputed and the 25th December date was chosen because of the Roman Pagans who later decided (probably four centuries afterwards) that they can celebrate their festival called “Saturnalia” if they became Christians.

There was nothing religious about this festival as it was described as “widespread intoxication; going from house to house while singing naked; rape and other sexual license; and consuming human-shaped biscuits”.

To remedy this problem of lawlessness the Christians decided to merge Isa’s (as) birthday with the festival and make it some how dignified. Another creative innovation don’t you think?

Christmas Tree

Like the idol worshippers decorate their idols so did the Asheira Cult. They used to consider the tree a God. They used to bring it into their houses, decorate it and worship it. When the cult interacted with Christianity and they too negotiated the tree into Christianity and it became known as the Christmas tree. Hey, what do you know another innovation!

Any caring Muslim would actually point out the problem with the state religion and how it has deviated from the correct path. We should also point out that people are getting into unnecessary debt because of the commercialistation of Christmas. But, no, let’s just be pragmatists and react to public perception.

Before you right me off as an extremist, I just want to mention an incident in Isa’s (as) life which is mentioned in the book “Stories of the Prophets” by Ibn Kathir.

In the chapter “Isa (as)” there is a subheading called “Isa (as) did not celebrate the Sabbath”. Isa (as) knew that the Jews had corrupted the Torah and the “rules of the game” were created by the Jewish leadership – so he rebelled. He did not observe one act! Sounds like an extremist don’t you think?

If Prophet Isa (as) is closer to Muslims then let’s adopt his approach and call a spade a spade.

As the pressure mounts on the Muslim community in the UK to mutate into a secular version of Islam, please don’t be there encouraging us to accept every thing under the Christmas tree!

““O Maryam! Verily, Allah gives you the good news of a Word from Him, his name will be Al-Masih, Isa, the son of Maryam, held in honour in this world and in the Hereafter, and will be one of those who are near to Allah. And he will speak to the people, in the cradle and in manhood, and he will be one of the righteous.” TMQ 3:45-46

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