World’s tallest man marries woman 2ft 7in shorter than him

Sultan Kosen and his fiance Merve Dibo

The world’s tallest man has fallen in love and married a woman two and a half feet shorter than him.

Turkish farmer, Sultan Kosen who stands at 8ft 3in is set to marry his beloved fiancé Merve Diblo who he dwarfs at 5ft 8ins.

Kosen has been searching for his soul partner for years, and came close to giving up hope – until he met Ms Dibo.

He told reporters present at the ceremony: “Now I will have my own family and private life. How unfortunate I could not find a suitable girl of my own size. My fiancé is over 1.75 meters tall, but I believe I’ve found the person for me.”

Kosen holds the Guinness World Record for the size of his 27.5cm hands and feet, which are recorded 36.5 centimetres – a gigantic size 28. 

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His enormous wedding suit and shoes were custom made, and the giant, who has accomplished near celebrity status, has invited scores of politicians to his nuptials in the southern Turkish city of Mardin.

Kosen said all he wants now is a car spacious enough for his size that he can travel with his bride.

World’s tallest man

He is one of ten people to ever reach 8 feet and the first in a decade.

Kosen became the world’s tallest man in August 2009, when he outgrew China’s Bao Xishun at 7ft 9ins.

Kosen suffers from a rare disorder called pituitary gigantism, which causes his body to continually produce the growth hormone.

His illness is believed to have been caused by a tumour in the pituitary gland.

Doctors believed they had cured him in 2008 when they removed the tumour but he continued to grow by half and inch a year. Now medics say he has finally stopped growing.

The world’s tallest man grew normally until he was 10, but the tumour then caused him to develop the medical condition.

When other children just about reached 4 feet, Kosen shot past 6 feet. His family do not suffer from this condition and grow “normally”.

Kosen visited the UK in 2011, when he said: “The kids used to tease me and I found that very difficult. But now I am really proud of being tall.”

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