Malala Yousafzai – Media bias and political manipulation

Malala Yousafzai speaking at the UN Assembly

German freelance journalist, Emran Feroz, argues there are some facts that the media and politicians intentionally ignore in the run-up to Malala Yousafzai’s nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Malala’s father, Ziauddin Yousafzai is a member of Swat’s Communist Party and has close relations with the Awami National Party. Thanks to this connection the ANP was one of the first groups who knew about the attack on Malala and used it for their own political agenda.

They are renowned for depicting the Taliban as responsible for everything. According to Afghan journalist Hanan Habibzai, the ANP was the main profiteer of the attack on Malala because once again it was easy to blame the Taliban.

Another profiteer was Malala’s father. You just have to take a look at all the pictures, articles and videos of Malala. It’s not Malala who is handshaking with every top leader and politician of this world, it’s her father.

It’s also said that he will start to work in the Pakistani embassy in UK. Far away from the war in Swat valley which isn’t just carried out by Taliban fighters but also the Pakistani army who are responsible for most of the war crimes.

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Media bias

The media, including the Pakistani government, claims many facts about Malala and her daily life. The fact that it was a Talib who shot her played into their pro-American agenda. At the same time nobody from the Pakistani establishment publicises the stories of all the other Malalas that are suffering and been murdered in the region.

I’m talking about all the children who have been indiscriminately killed by US drones and Pakistani missiles in Afghanistan and the Afghan-Pakistani border (NWFP). Those children also went to school, they also had families but their murderers are sitting in offices in Islamabad and Washington. That’s why their deaths went unmentioned.

Who remembered hundreds of these innocent children when thousands of people celebrated “Malala Day”?

Political manipulation

The attack on Malala cannot be justified by any means. At the same time you can’t hide the fact that the “political manipulation” of her tragedy is used to serve a western agenda.

Politicians are using her for their own benefit and even her own father is on the bandwagon. The mainstream western media celebrated her, millions of people watched her speech in New York where she talked about “fighting against terrorists”.

An intelligent and rational person must ask himself, who exactly influenced this speech. An open-eyed person cannot help but notice that a 16-year-old girl is being used as a propaganda puppet for warmongers and corrupt politicians.

Malala’s story will be written soon. We will see the best-seller book with her face on the cover in stores all over the world. Whilst nobody even knows who Abeer or Palwasha was.

Abeer Qassim al Hamza al Janabi was an Iraqi schoolgirl who had been raped and killed by five US soldiers during “Operation Iraqi Freedom”. Palwasha was two-years-old when she was killed by Robert Bales, the man who is believed to be responsible for the massacre of Kandahar.

But nobody knows them because a “Palwasha Day” or “Ameer Day” does not exist. Why? Because the killers were not bearded men, but American soldiers!


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