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In keeping with our promise to be completely transparent about our finances and performance here is a breakdown of how we did during the last month, writes Roshan Muhammed Salih.

We received just over £250 in donations and advertising and spent £380 on advertising and website maintenance. No one took a salary and no one was paid for contributing to the site – we are entirely dependent on the goodwill of volunteers.

Rather depressingly, this compares unfavourably with the £450 we received in donations during our first month and means that we now have hardly any money in the bank to run the site.

We need around £500 a month to run the site comfortably and more to expand insha Allah, but obviously it is almost impossible to do this if we are receiving no funds.

Therefore, if you value what we are trying to do on 5Pillarz (ie give the Muslim community an independent online platorm to air its views) I would be really grateful if you could donate whatever you can via the following link via PayPal, direct debit, credit or debit card.


How did we do?

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In terms of our figures we had 33,000 unique visitors to our site in the last month, 46,000 visits and over 64,000 page views.

These figures are all improvemenets on our first month’s performace which means that more people are reading our site and sharing our articles.

Meanwhile, our Facebok page continues to grow with over 5,000 “likes” although our Twitter account is moving rather slowly.

Moreover, we are really serious and ambitious for this website. We want to keep it growing, to recruit more staff and contributors, and to eventually become the number one media reference for British Muslims.

We are really doing our best to give the community a voice unpolluted by the mainstream; we are really trying hard to reflect what’s going on in the Muslim community in a fair and responsible way; and we are really striving to represent ordinary Muslims rather than just the powers-that-be. And I think that is worthy of the community’s support.

The bottom line is that if the Muslim communty wants professional, independent media it has to fund it and if it isn’t willing to do that then it shouldn’t complain if its media is sub-standard.

So please help us with this worthy project. Thank you!


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