Indian government seize Dr Zakir Naik’s assets worth 18 crore rupees

Indian authorities have issued a notice to seize assets worth more than two million pounds allegedly belonging to the prominent Muslim speaker Dr Zakir...

VIDEO: Turkish man proposes to his fiance in front of the Kaaba

A video of a Turkish man proposing to his fiance in front of the holy Kaaba during Umrah has gone viral, leading to both...

Old Palestinian man defends young boys against Israeli soldiers with cardboard rocket

Video footage showing an elderly Palestinian man confronting occupying Israeli soldiers as they shoot at unarmed Palestinian boys. This video was posted on YouTube by...

UAE is the “happiest Muslim country in the world”

The United Arab Emirates is the happiest Muslim country in the world, according to a report by the United Nations. The UAE was ranked 21st...

Iran to send pilgrims on Hajj after reaching deal with Saudi

Iran has said it will send pilgrims to this year's Hajj after reaching a deal with Saudi Arabia. The Middle Eastern rivals had a major...

VIDEO: Israeli soldiers assault young Palestinian girl in Hebron

Video footage of occupying Israeli soldiers assaulting a young Palestinian girl in the village of Sa'ir in Hebron. This video was posted on YouTube by...

VIDEO: Muslims in Somalia gather to pray for rain

Video footage of Muslims in Somalia collectively praying for rain due to the severe ongoing drought in the country. This video was posted on YouTube...

VIDEO: Israeli soldiers shoot pregnant Palestinian woman in her car

Shocking video footage showing the aftermath of a shooting where occupying Israeli soldiers shot a pregnant Palestinian woman on Tuesday 14 March near a bus...

VIDEO: Undercover Israeli police kidnaps Palestinian man at gunpoint

Shocking video footage showing an undercover Israeli policeman kidnapping a Palestinian man from his car at gunpoint. This video was posted on YouTube by DOAM.

VIDEO: Palestinians climb through cages to get to work in the morning

Shocking video footage showing Palestinians climbing through cages to get to work in the early hours of the morning. This video was posted on YouTube...
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