Bahrain jails man who burned Israeli flag

A Bahraini man who burned an Israeli flag during a pro-Palestine protest has been jailed for three years. The pro-government Al-Bilad website confirmed that the Supreme Court...

Saudi Arabia and U.S. celebrate 75 years of “strategic partnership”

Saudi Arabia and the United States have been celebrating “75 years of strategic partnership” in a series of events over the past week including...

Slovenia finally opens its first mosque despite right-wing opposition

Slovenia's first mosque has opened in the capital Ljubljana 50 years after the initial request to build it was made. Opponents of the project have...

Saudi Arabia celebrates previously “haraam” Valentine’s Day

In a further sign of liberalisation in Saudi Arabia, hearts and flowers are everywhere as the Kingdom prepares to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Arab News reports...

Egypt “targets” popular Turkish TV series Dirilis Ertugrul

Turkish media is reporting that Egypt is trying to turn public opinion against popular Turkish dramas aired in the Middle East. According to Yeni Şafak English, the...

IKEA defends Muslim employee who was abused by customer

The Swedish furniture and decoration company IKEA has defended a Muslim employee after she was abused online by a customer. The customer in Aubonne, Switzerland,...

American Muslims get behind Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign

Bernie Sanders, the Democratic front-runner to take on Donald Trump at this year's U.S. presidential elections, is winning the backing of Muslim voters. Last week...

Sudan’s leader says he met Netanyahu to ‘protect national security’

The Sudanese leader has said he met Israeli premier Benjamin Netanyahu to protect his country’s national security. Abdel Fattah al-Burhan’s meeting with Netanyahu in Uganda...

Sudan leader meets Netanyahu as prelude to “forging normal relations”

Israeli officials have said that Tel Aviv and Sudan have agreed to move towards forging normal relations after the leaders of the two countries...

Pentagon: 64 U.S. soldiers wounded in Iran strike on military base

The Pentagon has yet again raised the figure of soldiers wounded in Iran's retaliatory missile attack in Iraq earlier this month to 64, saying...
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