South Africa files case at international court accusing Israel of ‘genocidal acts’

South Africa has filed an application instituting proceedings against Israel over "genocidal acts" in Gaza before the International Court of Justice (ICJ). The application filed "concerning...

Palestine national football team cheered on arrival in South Africa

Palestine's national football team received an incredible welcome when they landed in South Africa today. They're in Cape Town as part of the South African...

South Africa: Israeli policies an even more extreme form of apartheid

"When will Israel's decades-long impunity for widespread and systematic human rights violations and violations of international law end, if not now?" South Africa's ambassador says...

Ghana to jail those who commit or promote LGBTQ acts

Ghana’s parliament has voted to pass a bill which will punish those who take part in LGBTQ sexual acts, as well as those who promote...

South Africa: Man kills Muslim woman over argument about Israel

Grayson Beare appeared in the Durban Magistrate's Court this morning charged with the murder of Halima Hoosen-Preston and critically injuring her husband, Shaun, and...

Kenya: Janazah held for 19 yr old Muslim boy killed in tax hike protests

The janazah for 19-year-old Ibrahim Kamau, who was killed during a protest against tax increases, was held yesterday in Nairobi, Kenya. Kamau was among...

Burkina Faso bans homosexuality

The  Muslim majority African state Burkina Faso has approved a revised family code that criminalises homosexuality.  The nation's military leader Captain Ibrahim Traoré announced the measure...
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