Ivory Coast parliament considers bill to legalise polygyny

Muslim-majority Ivory Coast is considering a bill to legalise polygyny - a practise which is widespread across the country but which is technically illegal.  Ivorian...

Catastrophic drought displaces one million in Somalia

A devastating drought in Somalia has reached unprecedented levels, leaving one million people within the country displaced, the UN refugee agency, UNHCR, said on Thursday. More than...

Poll: Moroccans strongly oppose Israel normalisation

A new poll has revealed that despite their government's normalisation deal with Israel, the vast majority of Moroccans oppose any relations with Tel Aviv. Arab...

Uganda to introduce long jail terms for homosexual activities

The Ugandan Parliament has passed legislation introducing stricter penalties such as long jail terms for people engaged in same-sex activities. Penalties under the new legislation include...

Burkina Faso is eradicating French influence in the country

The African Muslim-majority nation of Burkina Faso has taken several steps in recent months to eradicate the influence of the old colonial power France. A...

Tunisian authorities raid main Islamic party, arrest leader

Tunisian police have arrested the country's main opposition leader Rached Ghannouchi and raided the headquarters of his Ennahda party, which is often described as...
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