Egypt to remove books by Sheikh Ibn Taymiyya and other prominent Salafi scholars

The Egyptian Ministry of Religious Endowments has launched a nationwide campaign to remove literature authored by scholars affiliated to the Salafi movement from all...

Mohamed Morsi’s death sentence overturned

Egypt's highest court of appeal has overturned the death sentences against former President Mohammed Morsi and five other senior Muslim Brotherhood leaders. The Court of...

Egypt overturns Mohamed Morsi life sentence

Egypt's highest appeal court has overturned a life sentence handed down to former President Mohamed Morsi who was ousted in a military coup in...

Female prisoners tortured and sexually abused in Egyptian prisons

Egypt's Women against the Coup movement has revealed that the authorities arrested 200 women in December and January and accused the interior ministry of...

Shaikh Ahmad Al-Tayyeb named world’s most influential Muslim

The Grand Shaikh of Al Azhar University in Cairo has been named the world’s most influential Muslim. The honour was bestowed on Shaikh Ahmad Muhammad...

Egypt – this is a battle between Islam and secularism

Ian Nisbet, who was imprisoned in Egypt for four years for being a member of Hizb ut Tahrir, argues that life is about to...

Sectarian tensions increase across the Muslim world

Sectarian tensions have increased sharply across the Muslim world following Lebanese Shia group Hezbollah's intervention in Syria and the reaction of Sunni politicians and clerics...

The Muslim Brotherhood are authors of their own downfall

When the Muslim Brotherhood was elected to power in Egypt a year ago I predicted their demise, writes lawyer Osama Daneshyar who recently returned...

Senior Muslim Brotherhood member shot dead in Egypt

Egypt's Interior Ministry said police have killed a top Muslim Brotherhood leader in a shoot-out in Cairo, an account the group have unequivocally rejected. A...

Egypt’s “liberal hypocrisy”

Since the ousting of Mohammed Morsi by the military Egypt has been infested with “liberal hypocrisy” from within and outside, writes Dr Reza Pankhurst...
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