Book review: The Inevitable Caliphate by Dr Reza Pankhurst

The caliphate or "khilafah" is an Islamic political structure that has been central to Muslim history for 1300 years, writes Dilly Hussain. Many British...

The new Superman film is just Yankee propaganda

Sayyed Chowdury argues that the new Superman film is a metaphor for destructive US imperialism. Recently I went to see the new Superman movie...

Film review: Fetih 1453

I watched Fetih 1453 when it was released in UK cinemas in February 2012. But I felt that with recent events in Turkey unfolding,...

Film review: The Reluctant Fundamentalist

I went to see The Reluctant Fundamentalist, writes Hasina Patel, because I was curious to see how it dealt with the whole issue of "fundamentalism." I have a personal dislike for the...
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