Blessed Are The Strangers – the story of a convert Muslim community

  Nafees Mahmud is a 5Pillars & RT UK journalist. You can follow him on Twitter @NxMahmud   Blessed Are The Strangers is a new documentary which...

Book Review | Comparative Economics: Islam’s Panacea to the Maladies of Capitalism

Sarfraz Wali is the winner of the ‘Best Paper Award’ at the Shariah Economic Conference 2013 organised by the Journal of Islamic Perspectives on...

Sara Khan’s The Battle for British Islam: A 250 page Prevent press release

Roshan Muhammed Salih is 5Pillars editor. You can follow him on Twitter @RMSalih.   Sara Khan’s new book The Battle for British Islam is basically a...

Book Review: “The General” – The man who fought from inside Guantanamo

Asim Qureshi shares his thoughts on Ahmed Errachidi’s book “The General”, where the author recounts his time in Guantanamo Bay. There is no such...

A journey of discovery in Pakistan and Kashmir

Putting aside the negative perceptions attributed to Pakistan and Kashmir, I can honestly say that both destinations were one of the most beautiful places...

Citizen Khan: A white, middle-class illusion of what Muslims should be like

The cardinal rule of comedy is that you have to make your audience laugh. If you don't it's not comedy. Therefore Citizen Khan is...

If John Ware thinks Cameron has gone too far, he really is in trouble

Roshan Muhammed Salih reviews John Ware's BBC Radio 4 documentary "Should Extremism be a Crime," and argues that if one of Britain's most controversial...

Lyse Doucet’s shameful BBC film is an abuse of Gaza’s suffering children

John Hilley writes that last night's BBC documentary Children of the Gaza War is a truly disgraceful piece of distortion by journalist Lyse Doucet. The...

ITV’s documentary on “charities behaving badly” was a political ploy

ITV's documentary on "charities behaving badly" was political propaganda pushing for the Charity Commission to gain more powers, cleverly targeted towards Muslim charities, writes...

A poetic A-Z review of 2014

Shabbir Hassan's alphabetic poem recounting major events from 2014.  2014 was the year in which… Airlines took headlines in aviation mystery Brazil hosted the World Cup as...
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