Arms companies investigated for complicity in Israeli war crimes

“If they’ve supplied this weaponry to Israel, knowing there’s a likelihood those weapons will be used for war crimes, they’re committing an offence under Article 25 of the International Criminal Court statute.”

Lawyer Tayab Ali says identifying arms manufacturers and company directors who supplied weapons and munitions used to bomb civilians schools, hospitals and UN facilities in Gaza will be an important part of an investigation into Israeli war crimes.

Pointing to images provided by Anadolu Agency of what appear to be white phosphorus shells in use by the Israeli army, he adds:

“I’m very interested to know the source of these weapons, where they were made, who they were made by, when Israel received them, which companies provided them, and which company directors were in control of the companies when these were supplied to Israel.

There’s a criminal liability for those individuals and those companies.”

Last month activists and trade unionists blockaded arms manufacturers in multiple locations across the UK in a call for an arms embargo on Israel.

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