Mourners outraged as water floods Muslim graveyard in Bradford

Mourners are furious at Bradford Council of Mosques after a local graveyard was flooded with mud and water.

A viral video taken at Scholemoor Cemetery in Bradford on Sunday appears to show an open grave full of water. Mourners allege this was sewage water but Bradford MP Naz Shah says it was surface or rain water. She added the matter is now being dealt with.

Bradford Council of Mosques is responsible for managing the graveyard.

One man in the video tells viewers that Muslims should take care of the graves of the deceased and those who have died have that right over us. He says it is a shame on all of us for not doing so. He then goes onto say God will punish Bradford Council of Mosques if they don’t prevent this from happening.

“All the men are dead in Bradford,” he says. “They are not real men. Wake up the Muslims of the UK!”

Another mourner says: “There is a big cover up going on from the Bradford Council of Mosques and Bradford Council. There is a sewage pipe that’s burst from the houses at the top and the sewage water is coming into every grave.”

Another mourner adds: “This should not be happening. How can sewage water be leaking into all of these graves? People are buried … Somebody had a janazah… there was 5 foot of sewage water in that grave. And what did they do? They dug another grave so that water would go into that grave so the people who were burying their loved ones wouldn’t see the water in there. So what’s going to happen afterwards? Clearly the water is going to go back into that grave. Them family members don’t know what’s going on… so Bradford Council of Mosques, you need to address this issue right now. Enough’s enough now.”

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Earlier this week, the Council for Mosques released a statement that made reference to “high levels of water in the top section” of the cemetery.

The statement said: “As you will be aware, Council for Mosques is responsible for the management of Scholemoor Cemetery (and also Bowling Cemetery).

“We understand that over recent years various concerns have been raised by the Muslim community about the conditions and practices at the cemetery. The most recent concern highlighted is about the high levels of water in the top section.

“Of course, it is only right that our loved ones are treated with respect and dignity at the time of burial and we will do all we can to facilitate this. Occasionally there will be challenges, which we are obligated to rectify as a matter of urgency.

“Since becoming involved with the organisation we have been determined to be open, honest, transparent, inclusive and accountable; to break down barriers and to work with all members of the Muslim community. This can only be achieved through open dialogue and engaging with the community.

“We will, therefore, be holding a public meeting, open to all, on Tuesday 31st January 2023, at the Khidmat Centre, Spencer Road, Bradford, BD7 2EU at 5pm – 7pm.

“If you would like to raise any issues about the work of CfM or Bereavement Sevices/Cemeteries, we would be honoured to meet with you. This is your organisation and we therefore value your input.

“This will be the first ever such meeting, where the community has been invited to a public forum, but Insha Allah there will be further such opportunities. May Allah SWT accept our endeavours and grant us Taufeeq to deliver for the communities we serve.”

Meanwhile, Naz Shah MP released the following statement.


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